How Many Popsicles Does Alyssa Have Left After Giving 5 to Her Friends?

When it comes to popsicles, it’s all about the numbers. How many trays did Alyssa make? How many popsicles does each tray hold? And most importantly, how many popsicles does Alyssa have left after sharing with her friends? This article will break down the math behind the popsicles, providing a clear and concise answer to this sweet question.

Understanding the Popsicle Production

Alyssa made 6 trays of popsicles. Each tray is capable of making 8 popsicles. So, to find out the total number of popsicles Alyssa made, we need to multiply the number of trays by the number of popsicles each tray makes.

  • Number of trays: 6
  • Number of popsicles per tray: 8

By multiplying these two numbers together, we find that Alyssa made a total of 48 popsicles.

Sharing the Popsicle Wealth

But Alyssa didn’t keep all these popsicles to herself. She gave 5 of her friends a popsicle each. This means we need to subtract the number of popsicles given away from the total number of popsicles made.

  • Total number of popsicles made: 48
  • Number of popsicles given away: 5

Subtracting these two numbers gives us the number of popsicles Alyssa has left.

Calculating the Leftover Popsicles

So, how many popsicles does Alyssa have left after giving 5 to her friends? Let’s do the math:

  • 48 (total popsicles made) – 5 (popsicles given away) = 43 popsicles

Therefore, Alyssa has 43 popsicles left after sharing with her friends.


Math problems like these can be fun and engaging, especially when they involve something as delicious as popsicles. By breaking down the problem into smaller parts and tackling each one step by step, we can easily find the answer. So, the next time you’re faced with a similar problem, remember to take it one step at a time. And who knows? You might just end up with a sweet reward at the end!